Monday, January 29, 2007 Reinvents Discount Accommodation


In a short period of time based in Brisbane Australia hosting provider Stay has become a serious competitor to other online and plans to broaden its customer base and business further in the coming weeks.

But unlike several other sites online accommodation, stay 247 has a unique service, taking reservations for four months. provides the most competitive rates hotel room online instantly and has a large and growing list of products accommodation. The hotel portfolio increases daily to meet the needs of travellers who seek accommodation and travel services at the most competitive prices in some of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Australia. unique strategy allows hoteliers to strengthen its management of production in the coming months and enables consumers to plan their holidays in advance, outside of the normal 28 days last minute.

Managing Director Brent Cooper said that the strategy of making online hotel bookings online in advance of the purchase of discount air travel.

" extended the last minute discount rate market also offer special upfront fees of up to 4 months. Advance discount lodging rates can now be purchased at the same time as a foretaste of discount air travel. East market has been neglected by the current crop of online agencies accommodation. " Mr Cooper said.

Travel to Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Car Show


Every Car enthusiast will travel to Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Car show every year or at least one in his or her lifetime. Collectors and enthusiasts come in droves to Scottsdale, Arizona to witness an auction of the finest collection of cars in the world.

It all began when Thomas Barrett and Russ Jackson decided to hold a sale to reduce the size of their individual car collections. The first sale proceeds went to various Scottsdale charities and public institutions including the Scottsdale library. The auction is held every year between the 12th and 20th of January. Tickets start cheap and get more expensive as the auction advances. The auctions start during the day and go on to about 10 p.m. at night. Senior citizens, students and army personnel can get discounts.

It is still conducted by the Barrett Jackson Auction Company and has become a world famous collector car event. Whether you just want to watch the cars or are keen on buying one of the beautiful machines, the Barrett Jackson Car Show is the place to be. The auction caters to classic and collector car owners and buyers. There is also a no reserve auction of car memorabilia. Seeing high profile collector cars roll across the block in West World Scottsdale is a visual delight for the car lover.

This year, more than a 1000 of the world's best collector cars were auctioned and attracted the attendance of over 200,000 car lovers and collectors. Since the auction spans over eight days the best way to take all of the action in is to stay at a Scottsdale vacation rental. Vacation rental accommodation charge by the week and come with fully fitted kitchens, entertainment centers, swimming pools and multiple bedrooms for the whole family and if need be car loving friends. Most rentals are non smoking and the renter gets to choose the location, the view and the number of bedrooms. Villas, condos apartments and cozy cabins can be rented without the need to pay for extra bedrooms.

You can enjoy the car show at your pace without any tight hotel schedule to adhere to in a vacation rental. After a tiring yet enjoyable day of watching cars, you don't have to spend a sleepless night as in the case of a hotel with other enthusiasts trooping past your room at unearthly hours.

There are no extra fees for the morning newspaper, housekeeping, room service, parking and laundry. You are not disturbed by housekeeping, laundry or luggage carts going past. Most vacation homes have wifi connectivity so that you can be in touch with work while enjoying your favorite show. In the event of a flight coming in late you are not denied accommodation at a vacation rental The Barrett Jackson Car Show's popularity results in over booked hotels and uncertain hotel accommodation. A vacation rental on the other hand does not have strict time schedules.

If you book your vacation rental through a reputed agent you may be able to swing a package and get tickets and car rentals included with your rental booking. Traveling to Arizona for the Barrett Jackson car show and staying at a vacation rental will help a car aficionado speed his or her enthusiasm and accelerate his or her enjoyment.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ayurveda- An Ancient Form of Medication System


Ayurveda the term most commonly used today is one of the oldest forms of treatment.

This call processing system is the result of the practice in the new millennium. Assessing the importance of Ayurveda, even people far from land come to the experience of this treatment rejuvenating natural. Mind and body healthy has become the most discussed aspect of the new generation. Ayurveda is divided into eight segments called Ashangaveda.

After healing power of Ayurveda has done wonders in the lives of many. Kerala, one of the famous treatment centers Ayurveda provides special attention, in addition to its natural beauty. The rejuvenation therapy is dominated by diet, yoga, massage, aromatherapy, exercise, meditation, etc.

Ayurveda is the science of Health or about 5,000 years of seniority in the system of health care Indians. The system that was followed by the ancestors is a special gift to his followers. Based on the vedic philosophy, Ayurveda prescribes a healthy lifestyle that keeps one of any disease. The 'Tridoshas' (vatha, pitha and Kapha) are the main constituents of any disease in the human body. The body harmony with the five elements of nature helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment includes:
• Abhayangam-oil massage 45mts / day for 14 days. Effective for obesity.
• Dhaynamla dhara-poured hot solution based plants throughout the body for 14 days, 1 hour daily. Better for rheumatic paralysis.
• Dhara - pouring some kind of liquid-based plants, medicated milk, butter, milk etc. in the head during 7 to 21 days approximately 45mts a day. Good for the mental stress, skin diseases, etc.
• Kativasthi-in the lower back warm herbal oil medicated paste border continues. Effecdtive disorders of the spine and back pain.
• Kizhi-made for about one hour per day for seven to fourteen days. This process of implementation of leaves of herbs and herbal powders with warm medicated oil is good for spondilosis, osteo arthritis, rheumatoid with inflammation, etc.
• Ksheeradhoomam this milk-steam treatment is effective for facial paralysis, speech disorders and other nervous disorders of the face.
• Lepanam this medicated plant-based pulp is applied to the inflamed area.
• Nasyam-useful for curing headaches, mental disorders, skin diseases, etc., medicated oil is applied through the nose for 7 to 14 days.
• Jnavara Kizhi-treatment is effective for pain, rheumastism, hypertension, etc. amixture cow; s milk, balamoola Kashaya and cooked rice is large bolus is a whole body massage with the pressure.
• Pizhichil whole body was anointed with oil lukewarm herbal is best for about an hour or more should be continued for 7 to 14 days.
• Vasthi Shiro-equipped at the top head of the patient, the herbal oil is poured about 15m to 1 hour for 7 to 41 days.
• Snhapanam-medicated ghee intake for a period of 8 to 12 days, is a treatment for leukemia, arthritis, psoriasis
• Thalam medicated oil mixed with a special powder is applied at the top of the head, it's good for insomnia, migraine, etc. ENT problems
• Udvarthanam-massage with a special powder is effective for rheumatism, obesity, etc. palsy, which has made for a period of 14 to 28 days, 30 to 45mts daily.
• Urovasthi-in the chest warm medicated oil is kept around 45mts, effective for asthma and other respiratory problems.
• Vasthi this enema medicated oil-based plants applied through the rectum is a effectve curative for chronic constipation, gastric complaints, rheumatism, paralysis, etc.
• Yoni Prakshalanam-cleansing of the genitals done by the application of medicated oil through the vaginal route is best for gynecological disorders.

• People with serious liver problems and kidney prefer not to take oil massage.
• The pressure and other parameters of the blood should be normal before starting any treatment.
• Obsessed, liver, kidney and diabetics are people without a prescription to take 'jnavara kizhi' fro throughout the body.
• People with cerebral thrombosis, it is not recommended to take 'SiroDhara'
• Only under the guidance of the medical intensive steam bath should be taken.